In Love And Lusted | Our Journey As A Family
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Our Story


We met in spring of 2016 and almost instantly knew that we’d be a significant part of each others’ lives. It didn’t take long to fall in love, and within a few months, we were spending a lot of time together in Washington.


We had a quiet, personal engagement; acres of beautiful gardens to ourselves, where we read vows and promises to each other.


Neither of us knew this brand of love actually existed before finding one another. We are so grateful to have met and become family to each other and Zelda. We look forward to choosing each other daily, working hard together, and sharing a lot of adventures and laughter.

Photo Galleries

Engagement Pictures

At The Beach

The Wedding

Our wedding will be held on October 13th, 2017 at a very small, private, personal ceremony in Washington. As much as we immensely appreciate every one of you, we won’t be having a ceremony with guests, true to our introverted, unconventional nature.


Also, we understand it isn’t reasonable to ask our loved ones from all across the globe to travel.


We ask you to please be understanding and respectful of these circumstances.